Good Riddance, Summer! 🌞

I stopped being a fan of the mid-year season many sunrises ago! We have entirely too many days of 100+ degrees here in Texas…any temp over 89 instantly puts me in a bad mood, just reading the forecast gets me to cussin’. I only endure such conditions to be near family…oh the things we do for our grandchildren!

Having electrical issues this summer in the camper trailer (where we live full time) contributed to my seasonal blues as I dealt with no air conditioning on 3 separate occasions during the hot-as-hades months! We may, or may not, have figured out the wiring problems finally…hoping “Third Time’s A Charm” isn’t just a myth.

So yeah, I’m a diehard summertime basher these days, but will sing praises for Autumn/Fall all year long…it’s my favorite!


Birthdays 🎂

Our little family of four celebrated three birthdays in the last week…Bob’s 68th, my 61st, and Fluffy the cat’s 6th! Happy Birthday to us all, we are blessed! (Honorable mention to Ginger the dog who will be 5 in December)

July 2017-July 2018

This past year seems to have flown by, yet at the same time it feels like we’ve been living in the camper trailer full time for a long time…how does that work?! Well, whichever way my 60-year old brain interprets it, the fact is that last July we enthusiastically stepped into this lifestyle and still consider ourselves Happy Campers…on most days.

Our big dog and fluffy cat are also doing well, they haven’t run away from our new house once…although, to be honest, there have been a few times I’ve wanted to help not only them, but the resident Mister, pack their bags for an extended trip-without-me! Actually, now that I think about it, pretty sure I occasionally felt that way even before we moved into our tiny home.

Rather than make this an entirely too long of an entry, I’ll soon (that means when I’m in the mood) write a few separate posts covering miscellaneous things/moments of our first year in the camper…from my perspective, of course. I had planned from the get-go to keep up and regularly document on the original blog, and I did write some, but…guess I wasn’t in the mood much. That’s just how I roll—I am who I am; It is what it is.