Love Me Some Football!

Gotta wait ’til tomorrow night for my team’s game…

…but my other Texas team is playing today!

Will also keep up with this score cuz hubby was born and raised in Ohio.


I am NOT a Morning Person!

True story…and actually, the photo above depicts my 2nd cup of coffee, before then don’t try to even make eye contact with me.  

After 20 years of mornings, you’d think my husband would “get it,” and to especially remember not to talk politics to me or have an attitude about something that “makes” him cuss…while I’m still pouring my 1st cup of coffee!!!  His use of bad language this morning, within 5 minutes of my feet hitting the floor, is what prompted this post…our dog had made him mad. 

I raised 4 kids (and now have 8 grandkids), so have had my share of busy mornings, which is probably one of the reasons that I appreciate a quiet, calm morning these days.  And when that a.m. peacefulness is disturbed, I become quite irritated…instant bad mood, and I hate starting my day that way!  (sorry that the first post on my new blog is a gripe, but it is what it is…stay tuned for some positivity in the days to come)