Music Moves Me

If you need to relax for a few minutes, listen to this…music is magical!

After learning the story behind this beautiful piece, I just had to search for Mr Cowell’s version because the sound of a trumpet is special to me. My 90-year old father no longer plays his horn (he lives in an Alzheimer’s facility), but he is an amazingly talented musician.

Here’s a link to the the original composer, Johnny Cowell, playing the tune. No matter who is actually blowin’ the horn, I like to close my eyes as I listen to any trumpet music, and “see” my dad playing it..although it’s bittersweet for me, every time.


Cruisin’ The Backroads…again

It’s what I do, just me and my dog, and once in awhile we let Dad ride with us. Life gets so busy and stressful…I highly recommend the slow lane, whatever that looks like for you. I posted some pics here at my photo blog from our “therapeutic” trip the other day. The sights we see along the dirt roads of west Texas are always the same, but never disappointing…I treasure the quiet, slow pace of time spent cruisin’ the backroads of Anywhere, USA!